Dead talks logo
Feeling like you’ve lost your touch with your inner slayer? Are you looking for ways to step up your scaring game? Then come join DEAD Talk, where the world’s leading expert on death will put you back on your feet with his knowledge.
Cannibal logo
Witness the ancient tribe of man-hunters secretly thriving in the Dead Land. For the cannibals, revenge is raw. Escape the tribe where not one limb, nor organ, not even a single bone goes to waste.
Apocalypse earth logo
Experience utter chaos in Apocalypse: Earth as fear poisons the very core of life - Mother Earth. Roam around the streets of New York, as Gaia destroys everything in her way with her most terrifying forces to take back what belongs to her and declare war on mankind. Do you have enough resistance in your blood to survive the earth-shattering apocalypse?
Infinite fear logo
When darkness falls at Eight Lake Psychiatric Hospital, fear rises. Make your way through the unsettling, creepy halls of the hospital filled with screaming apparitions of unwilling patients. Once you enter, there's no turning back.
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Armor up for an action-packed laser tag battle against an army of zombies thirsty for blood. Dare to trespass the zombie-infested territory and stop them from taking over Halloween Horror Nights 8.
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